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The American International Institute USA (AMII), is a professional certification body. AMII is a recognized professional institution by the American Council for Education Accreditation as an organization that certifies individuals in various professional fields, which is an assessment based industry knowledge and standards. The American International Institute USA offers professional certification to professionals already working in the industry or those wish to become certified professionals in their field of interest.

Our professional designations allow individuals to be certifiable professionals in their chosen professional fields and hold an industry standard professional certificate. Each individual will be certified once they successfully pass our industry standard professional certification training program. The American International Institute USA, sets and adheres to international professional standards of various professions. Each of our professional certifications consists of group of module. Each module is a body of knowledge in a specialized discipline. Prospective students must take all modules, pass them all successfully to be able to get their prospective diploma. DetailsĀ 

Earn the Certification that Employers Demand

AMII credentials gives you the needed competitive advantage in the job market to move ahead. Our certifications including the CMM validate a range of education and experience levels across modern organizations. Join the thousands of professionals across the globe that we have certified. Show that you have the needed knowledge and expertise to bring about results at your work place. Test for various certifications is available immediately.

For any inquiry or to register, please email us at admin@amii.us